Ground Control to Major Tom! Did you hear? Mr. Bowie (one of my favourite musicians ever) is enjoying his 66th birthday today and celebrating the festivities by releasing a new single with a video (see below) AND a new album announcement!

- This is amazing -

I, on the other hand, will be celebrating by having a Bowie marathon. Enjoy!

Check out Bed of Stars!

My friend Danny Devlin sent me the link to their music and I finally got a chance to take a listen. 

First off, I really like the name of the band. It has a nice ring to it.

The Vancouver musicians released their new single Nothing Left To Lose for the world to indulge in and it sounds really good. I took a few listens and it seems like these guys are on the right track.  I would really love to see them live when they come into town.

Looking forward to what else they have in store for fans!  

I would definitely check them out on Facebook here. YES, hit the LIKE button. 

Edge of Glory - Lady GaGa

Mother Monster released her third single Edge of Glory today from her soon to be released Born This Way album. The past few months have definitely been a little insane for Lady GaGa. Her first single Born This Way broke numerous records and JUDAS angered all the hardcore religious folk who obviously take everything literally. 

Today, however, the time has come for Edge of Glory to finally see the light of day. My initial reaction when listening to this track for some reason made me think of Celine Dion. By saying that I mean I think this is a very well written track and the vocal tone and execution, in the chorus especially, feels like this is a chart topping adult contemporary/pop track from Celine in the 90s. Does anyone else hear this? 

This song definitely won’t have any problems being played on different formats on radio. My favourite part of the song is the smooth blend of the saxophone (probably one of my favourite instruments). It’s just a beauty. 

Very different from the first two singles, but still a great song.