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A Day on Set….

Keshia Chante shot her music video for her single TABLE DANCER yesterday and I had the opportunity to be on set with Keshia, the Tanjola team, Director RT/NE Team and the incredible Mr. Luther Brown, Laurel Thomson and AMAZING dancers! It was a LONG day but definitely a productive one. The single is really infectious and everyone was singing it all day long. Keshia fans are really gunna see this new evolved version of the artist in this video along with some unimaginable crisp choreography. 

I had a blast being there on set working with you all! Saw some old faces and met some new ones! Just another journey on the red carpet hustle. 

Until next time, Keep on hustlin ;) 

POWER - Kanye West

Music videos lately are becoming more and more extravagant. Artists like GaGa are constantly putting out “mini movie” type videos that are about 10 minutes long. As this becomes a growing trend leave it to Kanye West to debut his latest music video(painting) for his track “POWER” at a mere 90s seconds….. yea you read right and it wasn’t a typo. 

Kanye West debuted his latest music painting and it was only 90 SECONDS LONG! THATS IT! That’s the whole video people….

This is why I love Kanye. Yes, he has a massive EGO problem, but really who the hell doesn’t in their own way. He makes ballsy moves like this and says F*Ck the rules, which give him the power to get away with it. I love the fact that this “video” is so short. People want more and it leaves them hanging. Not to mentions it’s going to get TONS of publicity merely for its length.

The director of the video, Italian- born Canadian Marco Brambilla, wanted to create an art piece that depicted power. Therefore, he used a MichaelAngelo-esque inspired theme around Kanye’s centred saint-like figure (which comes included with a halo) to do so.

In my opinion, if you have something so great in the first 90 seconds and it gets the point across, then why put in fillers for another 3.5 minutes? Leave it be. Music is a artform and so is film. It has no rules and no defining lines. We have all just been brainwashed to expect things that fit into formats that executives years ago had put into place.I’d rather see this video that has a thought process behind it rather than another video in a club with booz and booty girls dancing everywhere…. I can go to a strip joint if I wanna see that.

Big up Kanye! I love it! 

What do you guys think?